Korean Collagen Essence Sheet Mask (2 pcs)

DERMAL Korean Sheet Mask set of 2 masks 
Set 1
-Platinum Collagen Essence Mask
Firming • Mild • Brightening
It contains colloidal platinum which removes harmful oxygen on skin and keeps tired skin fresh and elastic all day. Vitamin E and collagen provides nutrition for skin and makes it healthy and bright.

-Snake Collagen Essence Mask
Firming • Mild • Healthy 
It contains peptide ingredient which keeps you skin smooth and elastic while preventing skin muscles from contracting.

Set 2:
-Q10 Collagen Essence Mask
Firming • Regeneration • Moisturizing 
Coenzyme Q10 prevents wrinkles and aging for skin. It makes skin more elastic and feel younger.

-Collagen Essence Mask
 Firming • Regeneration • Moisturizing
Collagen makes skin elastic and moist which improves your skin's moisturization and keeps it healthy.

Set 3
-Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask
 Firming •Health • Moisturizing
Green tea extract restores sensitive skin caused by harmful ultraviolet rays and keeps skin clean and smooth.

-Gold Collagen Essence Mask
Brightening  • Health • Moisturizing
Colloidal gold promotes skin cell activity and keeps it healthy and bright

Set 4
-Herb Collagen Essence Mask
Soothing • Convergence • Moisturizing
Several kinds of herb extract such as lavender, rosemary, and oregano refreshes skin, relieving stress and calming tired skin.

-Cucumber Collagen Essence Mask
Soothing • Convergence • Moisturizing
Cucumber moisturizes and calms troubled and tired skin and keeps skin smooth, clean, and pure.

Made in Korea

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